What is Droom DMS?

There are around 2 million new vehicle dealers and more than 4 million used vehicle dealers globally, while the new vehicle dealers typically use the Dealer Management System provided by OEM, most of Used vehicle dealers generally don’t have access to such systems and hence end up doing the majority of the work manually. Droom Dealership Management System (DMS) intends to provide tools to these Used vehicle dealers to automate lot of currently manual tasks.

Who is Droom DMS for?

Droom DMS is primarily designed for used automobile dealer who do not have a single platform to manage their business both online and offline. Drooms DMS provides a wide array of features such as Invoice management, Inventory management, Lead management so that the users can easily manage their inventory digitally

How can I manage inventory on DMS?

On Droom DMS dashboard, you can go to Inventory tile. Clicking on it will direct you to the Inventory section where you can manage your inventory.

How can I create Invoices in DMS?

On Dromm DMS dashboard, you can click on Invoices tile. You will be directed to Invoices section where you can either download or share the existing invoices, or Create new Invoice by clicking on “Create Invoice” button

How can I save leads in DMS?

On Droom DMS dashboard, you can click on Leads tile, and it will direct you to Leads Section. There you can Add new leads, or Edit/Delete old leads